Break the Silence has embedded a culture of continuous improvement within the charity and we strive to improve in all aspects of our work.

We endeavour to add value for our Clients, create a sustainable future, develop organisational capability, harness creativity and innovation, lead with vision, inspiration and integrity, manage with agility, succeed through the talent of our people and sustain outstanding results.

We have a Team of committed Board, Staff and Volunteers to help us achieve our aims. However, we would be unable to achieve this, or to provide the range, standard and quality of support to Survivors, without the investment and support of the following organisations.

On behalf of all at Break The Silence, the Survivors and Families that we support and the Communities who benefit from the results of our work, we are truly grateful and offer our thanks to you for choosing to support Break The Silence.

Bank of Scotland Foundation

Funding from the Bank of Scotland Foundation has enabled us to provide a programme of regular group activity sessions over a 12 month period which ends in December 2017. We do however have consent from the Trustees of Bank of Scotland Foundation to run a further 2 groups with funding ceasing April 2018.  Sessions focus on; managing anxiety, coping with depression, increasing confidence, building self-esteem, increasing social interaction and reducing loneliness.

Comic Relief

The Evolve project funded by Comic Relief Core Strength programme will help us;  strengthen our organisation;  assist us to work towards a quality accreditation;  improve our strategic planning;  and enable us to review digital technology for potential areas of development/improvement. The funder plus programme and on-going support  from the Comic Relief Team offers additional benefit and we are excited to see the changes in our organisation as a result of their support.

Community Food & Health

Supporting the Growing Healthy project, funding from Community Food & Health helps survivors to develop healthy relationships with food, learn to prepare and enjoy the benefits of a healthy, nutritious diet to positively impact on their physical health both now and for the future. In will promote social interaction, reduce loneliness and isolation, increase confidence and self-esteem and help survivors build trusting new relationships with others.


A gold award from GSK was gratefully received to assist us with the transition into larger premises.  Additional overhead costs were incurred in order to provide a dedicated therapy room and increase our appointment opportunities.  Complementary therapy is available to all clients free of charge, designed to work alongside the support process, activating the natural healing process and restoring physical and emotional well-being, aiding relaxation, confidence and trust. Funding from GSK was completed by November 2017.

Greggs Foundation

Supporting our Running Is Our Therapy Group (RIOT) with branded t-shirts, hats, high visibility vests etc. The group wanted to have a brand of their own and have developed their own RIOT logo which features on the merchandise funded by Greggs Foundation. They will wear this to raise awareness of their group and to promote health and wellbeing and are hoping to take part in a 10k local event.

Henry Duncan/Lloyds TSB

Henry Duncan/Lloyds TSB have supported Break The Silence for 2 consecutive years, assisting us with overhead costs during our expansion phase into larger premises. Their support has been invaluable and the additional space we secured has resulted in increased opportunities for Survivors. Funding completed in December 2017 but we are exploring the feasibility of a further application to support our work.

Mactaggart & Mickel

Survivors have asked us to provide more group activities.  Group activities help to develop new trusting relationships, increase social interaction, tackle loneliness and isolation, increase self-esteem and confidence. The award from Mactaggart and Mickel through their Building Communities Fund will support a weekly group activity for Survivors for the period of 12 months.

Money Saving Expert

Achieving financial capability is about more than just learning and knowledge – changing behaviour, attitudes and thinking is key to achieving long-term financial capability. Funding from MSE will provide interactive cooking sessions which incorporate elements of financial skills, eg. budgeting, price comparison in a fun and engaging activity.

Peoples Health Trust / Health Engage through The Health Lottery

Funding from Peoples Health Trust through money raised by Health Engage through The Health Lottery for our Resonate Project will enable the provision of a weekly therapeutic music group for 24 months.  Survivors can learn and practice the harpsicle, interact with others, learn to develop healthy relationships, increase their social interaction and reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation, build their confidence and increase self-esteem.  The harpsicle promotes physical and emotional healing properties with harp therapy participants in other studies reporting increased relaxation, improvement in sleep, decreased pain and anxiety, stabilisation of vital signs, and improvement in mood.

People's Postcode Trust

Funding from the People’s Postcode Trust for our Health in Mind Project enabled a weekly group for a 12 month period to provide enjoyable and interactive group sessions with a focus on developing healthy living behaviours and healthier lifestyle choices in order to improve long-term physical and psychological health. The Health in Mind Group met for the last time in December 2017 but was an excellent weekly group which had considerable impact for participants and we thank People’s Postcode Trust for supporting us.

Scottish Government/Survivor Innovation Fund

Funding has been secured through the Survivor Innovation Fund for our Engage Project. Through Engage, Break The Silence will recruit a Partnership Development Officer/Worker to take responsibility for establishing, maintaining and developing Partnerships with Break The Silence, providing a platform for collaboration and co-production to improve and develop better access, integration and support mechanisms for Survivors in addition to promoting early intervention/prevention.

The Robertson Trust

The Robertson Trust supported Break The Silence in 2015/2016 with overhead costs to assist with the growth of the organisation.  In 2017, they confirmed their continued support for our Moving Forward project over a 24 month period.  In addition to financial support, The Robertson Trust have provided valuable development opportunities through their Funder Plus programme enabling staff to be trained on producing winning tenders and the review of monitoring and evaluation through tailored support with Evaluation Support Scotland.  Both the financial and developmental support will greatly assist us with our long-term plans for sustainability and growth.

The Wood Foundation

Pupils from Auchenharvie Academy participating in the Youth Philanthropy Initiative in 2017, won their final and in doing so, secured a financial award from The Wood Foundation which will be used to provide support to Survivors aged 13-15.

Womens Fund – Foundation Scotland

The Inspire project will provide facilitator training to female Survivors, empowering them and providing them will the skills, confidence, support and knowledge to be able to facilitate Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) sessions to other women survivors on a peer support basis. We are delighted to also work with staff from NHS Ayrshire & Arran who will provide some in-kind support on this project.

WRAP is a self-management and recovery system for people coping with diverse physical and behavioural health challenges.  This is an exciting opportunity which will be carefully developed over a 36 month period ensuring Survivor support throughout.