From Our Clients.

“I can’t go without leaving some words of encouragement for you and the team. The support that you gave me was the start of a change which I can’t put a price on. It was far from an instant fix (as I’m still not fixed and never expect to be!) but, I am much better than I was and my relationship with my partner and children is much better as a result. Do remember that if a ‘client’ walks out your door with issues still unresolved that’s not a failure. For me, you were the first stop – not the last”.

“This has really changed my outlook to a positive future – I wish my counsellor had been available to me many years ago”.

“The support from Break the Silence staff, craft group and reiki have all been great. All the staff are very welcoming and caring. The service has been fantastic. It was Archway and the Police who found the service for me”.

“Working with Break the Silence has had a positive effect on my day-to-day experienced. I feel more sensitive to situations and I have felt happiness. I would encourage others to incorporate this into their lives and accept help from BtS”.

“The Pain I Hide

If my eyes could tell a story, you would see the pain I hide.
The pain that someone else created for me.
You would see the sadness and the tears that I hold in.
You would see the tiredness from the sleepless nights.
You would see I am afraid to sleep due to the endless nightmares.
You would see the emptiness in my eyes.
I’m here but I’m not, trying to stay focussed but I can’t
You would see a trance in my eyes, just looking dead inside.
My eyes are telling of the pain I hide.
My eyes tell you I feel alone,
My eyes tell you that I’m afraid,
My eyes tell you that I feel lost.
Not knowing what to do.
Not knowing who to turn to.
Not knowing who to trust.
My eyes tell you that I feel tired of the flashbacks.
Tired of hurting my friends/family with my pain
Tired of fighting.
Tired of being in the mess someone else created.
If my eyes could tell a story, they would tell of the pain I hide.
They would tell you I’m faking it until I make it.