From Our Clients.

On group activity …
The harp lessons are honestly, truly, changing my life on many, many levels”.

Keep going! My thoughts are of a wonderful new beginning.

My weekly dose of positivity! I’m encouraged, supported and walk out the door feeling worthy and energised and I feel I can conquer the World! Thank you everybody”.

On group activity…
This group was good to socialise and listen to others. It has helped me to feel that my voice and ideas can be heard.

On group activities …
Absolutely fantastic and inspiring me to improve myself and relationships with confidence, guidance and unity.

Thank you so much for everything. Your counselling has made a huge difference to my life and I’m so grateful.


This summer that man came back to taunt me
And then the memories came back to haunt me
Back in a roundabout of emotional lows
Of judging myself and feeling alone.

An ocean of family and friends who love me
Could not stem the flow of the pain and the agony
Around and round, it swam round my head
Stomach all churning and legs full of lead.
It made me cry, made made me want to shout:
“Is there no-one around me who can help me out?!”
“Is this it, will my life always be
Controlled by an abuser eternally?”

I wanted to be free of those emotional chains
To be liberated, not just his spat-out remains.

The doctor he gave me the name of a place
Where he thought I could go to feel safe and get space.
To think about all of my feelings, reflect
And not feel I’m judged by my cause and effect .
Professionals with experience, good listeners as well
Someone who could guide me through my personal hell.
It was ‘Break The Silence’ and I gave them a ‘phone.
The voice there was friendly, I felt hope start to grow.

No assessments nor long waiting lists were insisted
Two weeks, then a ‘phone call for my very first visit!
“Would you like to try groups or will one-to-one do?
You let us know, we’ll try to fit them in for you.
Woman or man, and which place do you think
You would like to meet up for your regular stints?”

I could not believe that I would be able to choose
And take back control of my life and my views.

My chosen location and counsellor given
I re-found some courage and suddenly felt driven.
This programme would work with my personal need
To read lots of literature and talk at great speed!
If I couldn’t do either, again that was fine
We just went along with my feelings and mind

As my sessions progressed I felt safe to start
My counsellor helped me to challenge my part.
I had blamed myself for these terrible acts
And hated myself and condemned this to fact.
BTS helped me to seek out the truth
And thus change my life, make my future less blue.
My personal boundaries were bent out of shape
And BTS helped me to straighten their place.
Suddenly ailments that had badgered my life
That were causing me physical pain and strife
Began to disappear – before my very eyes
I couldn’t quite believe it – what a lovely surprise!

A burden has lifted, I feel lovely and light
My view more rose-tinted, my future more bright
My sessions have ended with this personal high
I’m feeling much stronger, to take back my life.

‘Break The Silence’ have helped me to feel that I fit
I’m not a corruptor, I’m not just his spit
I’m not spoiled goods, I can finally see
I’m a person who feels that she’s finally free.


So tired of treading this rugged path
You chose to place on me
I’ve had twenty nine arduous years
Of your mediocrity.
I’m through with the therapies
And talking all about you.
I’m taking back my power “Freddy”,
Turning my back on you.
I’m taking fate by the hand
And I’m changing the route
I’m finished, I’m through
I’ve finally had it with you.
You sucked up all my soul
To quench your devious thirst
Left me with your ravages
Gave me all your worst.
Well I’ve come back to collect
Take back the younger me
To help her escape your cage
And finally set her free.
But have no fear, Uncle dear
You won’t have much to lose
I give you back your emotional dregs
And pay you back your dues.
I’m fed up with the feeling
That I did something bad
That it was me that ‘let you’ touch me
Because it was me that was the slag!
Have back all your anger
At being the proverbial black sheep
I don’t buy your sob story
It’s pathetic and it’s cheap!
You can have back all the tears
And suicidal thoughts
Of feeling that you’re worthless
And feeling quite distraught
I’m giving you back your shame
You ought to feel this strong
It wasn’t just me that you
Abused and you did wrong.
You can have this utter sense
Of responsibility
It’s time you grew up, little boy
Is this within your capability…?
You can have overwhelming panic
And unpredictable shaking
It’s he very least you can do
Well it was of your own making!
Don’t forget the nausea
And all those horrible nerves
Of living from hour to hour
It’s just what you deserve!
Have a healthy dose of dread
And don’t forget the fears
Of always being close to the edge
And seeing ‘you’ disappear.
A chasm of loneliness
Is winging it’s way to you
A vat of endless misery
Of always feeling blue.
I’m tired of all these secrets
That have bound us both together
Uncles shouldn’t touch nieces
You’re a criminal, you’re not very clever!
I’m cutting these bonds between us
So I can start anew
Take back the life I should have had
I bid you thus adieu.

“I can’t go without leaving some words of encouragement for you and the team. The support that you gave me was the start of a change which I can’t put a price on. It was far from an instant fix (as I’m still not fixed and never expect to be!) but, I am much better than I was and my relationship with my partner and children is much better as a result. Do remember that if a ‘client’ walks out your door with issues still unresolved that’s not a failure. For me, you were the first stop – not the last”.

“This has really changed my outlook to a positive future – I wish my counsellor had been available to me many years ago”.

“The support from Break the Silence staff, craft group and reiki have all been great. All the staff are very welcoming and caring. The service has been fantastic. It was Archway and the Police who found the service for me”.

“Working with Break the Silence has had a positive effect on my day-to-day experiences. I feel more sensitive to situations and I have felt happiness. I would encourage others to incorporate this into their lives and accept help from BtS”.

Poem – “The Pain I Hide

If my eyes could tell a story, you would see the pain I hide.
The pain that someone else created for me.
You would see the sadness and the tears that I hold in.
You would see the tiredness from the sleepless nights.
You would see I am afraid to sleep due to the endless nightmares.
You would see the emptiness in my eyes.
I’m here but I’m not, trying to stay focussed but I can’t
You would see a trance in my eyes, just looking dead inside.
My eyes are telling of the pain I hide.
My eyes tell you I feel alone,
My eyes tell you that I’m afraid,
My eyes tell you that I feel lost.
Not knowing what to do.
Not knowing who to turn to.
Not knowing who to trust.
My eyes tell you that I feel tired of the flashbacks.
Tired of hurting my friends/family with my pain
Tired of fighting.
Tired of being in the mess someone else created.
If my eyes could tell a story, they would tell of the pain I hide.
They would tell you I’m faking it until I make it.