We offer complementary therapies to assist with recovery as we recognise the benefits of using them alongside our professional counselling services. This has been acknowledged by Clients and professionals alike in aiding the trauma recovery process and in improving quality of life.

Use of complementary therapies can help Clients to engage in the counselling process as they can help reduce anxiety, stress and promote relaxation.

We offer a range of effective therapies and our Practitioners work to the highest professional standards in our fully equipped complimentary therapy suite, ensuring a relaxing, enjoyable experience.

Some examples of therapies available are detailed below but a full list of options will be provided to Clients at their Information Session.


Reiki is a form of alternative medicine developed in Japan. Reiki Practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a “universal energy” is transferred through the palms of the Practitioner to the Patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing. Break The Silence use both contact and non-contact Reiki approaches depending on Client preference. At Break The Silence, Reiki is provided with the Client remaining fully clothed.


is an alternative curative healing method that is used to create subconscious change in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours or feelings. This can assist in reducing anxiety to help Clients engage in the therapeutic process.

We are always updating the therapies available, so if there’s something you would like to suggest, then please let us know.