Our Vision

To make a profound and positive difference in the lives of those affected by sexual trauma.

Our Mission

We at Break The Silence understand that every individual is different.  We will listen and work collaboratively with  you at your own pace.

We facilitate positive change through healing to challenge the effects of sexual trauma and assist post-traumatic growth.

We are a Centre of Excellence for sexual trauma in Scotland.

Our Values

Compassionate & Collaborative

  • We are compassionate and act with respect and dignity.
  • We work together to promote healing and growth to improve lives.
  • We will listen and are responsive.

Effective & Knowledgeable

  • We learn and share our knowledge, experience, study, research, evaluation and innovation.
  • We collaborate to promote early intervention and prevention.
  • We are flexible and adaptive, responsive to changing needs.

Influence & Inform

  • We are a Centre of Excellence with qualified practitioners, offering a range of therapeutic choices.
  • We explore opportunities for positive change, representing the collective voice of those affected by sexual trauma.
  • We aim to reduce the impact of sexual trauma in our communities.