Appointment Scheduling

Once referral details have been received, our administration team will review appointment availability and contact you within 5 working days to schedule an information session (please note this may be longer in peak/holiday periods).

The information session can be done in person or by telephone. Staff will provide you with information on all the support options available providing an information pack for you to take-away (if done by telephone we will post/email this to you). This pack also contains our service user agreement which you will be asked to sign.

Once you have had your Information Session, the next appointment is an Assessment Session. This will allow you and the Counsellor to discuss the best way forward and which services may be most helpful. This session offers you the room to discuss and choose which service or options you would like to select.

When Are Appointments?

You will be offered a 2 weekly appointment, although short-term weekly appointments can be offered when discussed and agreed with you and your Counsellor, subject to clinical approval.

Where possible we will allocate appointments at the office closest to you, however if there is a waiting list we may offer you an appointment at the nearest available office. If you wish to wait for an appointment at the office nearest you, you will be placed on the waiting list and an appointment will be sent as soon as one becomes available.

A limited number of evening appointments are available at our main office in Kilmarnock.

At times, there may be a short waiting list for our services but we will endeavour to provide an appointment at the earliest opportunity.

If you have specific requirements regarding appointment scheduling, please tell us at your Information Session to assist with schedule planning.

At Break the Silence, we understand the importance of the Client-Counsellor relationship. If you are allocated a Counsellor and for what-ever reason would like to change to a different Counsellor, you can contact the office to request this.

Our Appointment Terms

As a Client you must endeavour to keep appointments that you have made. You should give as much notice as possible if you have to cancel an appointment. If you don’t attend an appointment and have not contacted the office to advise us, you may not be given another appointment immediately.

If appointments are repeatedly being cancelled or being missed, you will be given the opportunity to take a break from counselling with the opportunity to re-engage in the future.

On the occasion where Break The Silence have to cancel an appointment, we will contact you.

If you are late for your appointment and it exceeds more than 15 minutes please be aware that you may not be seen for that session and another appointment will have to be scheduled.

If you turn up for a counselling appointment under the influence of alcohol, prescription, non-prescription drugs or any other illegal substances, your session will be cancelled.

Break The Silence have a zero tolerance policy towards aggressive or violent behaviour.