Break the Silence are delighted to work in partnership with a number of local authorities, public, private and third sector organisations.

We have dedicated this section of our website to our Partners, so that we may provide relevant and useful information for our partnership agencies.

We are always striving to improve and therefore if there is information or a service feature that you would like to see in this section that you, as a Partner would find useful then please let us know.

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We have provided a direct link for referrals for Partners so that you can Refer a Client using our on-line form – there is a dedicated form for organisation’s to complete. This will enable Partners to refer on-line immediately. We recognise that often you have your Client present and therefore this may be a more efficient and sensitive way for you to refer. It also means that you can submit referrals for support outwith our normal office hours. However, we will continue to accept referrals by telephone if you prefer this approach.

If you are interested in exploring or developing a Partnership with Break The Silence why not contact our Partnership Development Worker.